AI-Driven DJs Spinning AI-Based Music Have Arrived, Thanks to Sensorium and Mubert

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The impacts of this year’s COVID-19 pandemic have left many artists and others in the service industry out of work. One alternative to combat this situation has been fundraisers via live streaming and Bandcamp. The restless, on the other hand, simply flout the restrictions altogether and carry on clubbing anyway.

Enter the Sensorium Corporation. In collaboration with AI-generated music service Mubert, Sensorium Galaxy virtualizes the entire club experience, from the DJ down to the music. According to their site, the company is producing “a diverse series of photo-realistic virtual artists featuring unique identities and musical preferences.”

Mubert’s technology will provide AI artists “the ability to create generative music in real time based on an extensive database of samples.” These virtual performers will learn over 60 music genres, based on real-time “crowd” or user reactions. Sensorium Galaxy plans to open its music technology to SG participants to create their very own remixes to share across social media.

The virtual DJs will then perform and host in Sensorium Galaxy, a multi-platform environment that plans to connect actual world-famous artists (e.g. Carl Cox) with SG’s AI-backed roster.

Sensorium Galaxy Art Director Sasha Tityanko said, “On top of creating shows with world-famous artists, here at SG we are growing the first generation of virtual AI-backed DJs that will … take part in virtual events on the same grounds as real-life DJs. We may witness a new form of art emerging from this balanced mix of talent and technology…”

Prism is the visually detailed virtual world that will play host to SG’s electronic programming. The space is developed in partnership with Yann Pissenem, co-founder of mega-nightclub Ushuaïa Ibiza, and streaming service TIDAL.

Virtually Social

Sensorium Corporation was founded in 2018 with the sole support of Forbes-listed billionaire Mikhail Prokhorov. They oversee the Sensorium Galaxy platform and supply content via partnerships with artists and entertainment groups. Sensorium Corporation received over $100 million in private investments, making them one of the best-funded VR projects to date.

Mubert is a real-time generative music service. Based on gathered data, the algorithm creates arrangements, selects matching sounds and assembles them in a track. Mubert’s active community includes more than 2,000 pro users.

Sensorium Galaxy is planning a February 2021 launch. More information here.

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