Create “Analog and Alive” Drums With The AudioKit AR-909 Mobile App

by | Nov 13, 2020 | Software, Tech | 0 comments

AudioKit Pro has rolled out the AR-909, a mobile-app emulation of the Roland TR-909. The AR-909 skips high-quality samples for more “analog and alive” synthesis, providing more intricate sound design.

A 16- and 32-step sequencer as well as a drum pad are available for easy and fast programming. Additionally, midi out capability is available on the AR-909 for use with external controllers. Overall, the AR-909’s capabilities are very much “like getting an expensive piece of vintage hardware on your iPhone and iPad,” as AudioKit states.

There is one catch, however: AR-909 is a part of AudioKit’s Limited Edition Series, comprising ten installments to be released every two weeks. A one-time purchase of $2.99 grants lifetime ownership after each product is discontinued.

AR-909 works standalone and is AUv3 (Apple Audio Unit) compatible for use in apps like GarageBand and Cubasis 3.

Open-Source Creativity

AudioKit is a leading free and open-source audio framework for iOS, macOS, and Apple Watch. It allows developers to add professional audio functionality, synthesis, DSP (Digital Signal Processing), and more to mobile apps. AudioKit are  known for their award-winning Synth One iPad app used by mobile music enthusiasts across the board.

Find out more on AudioKit’s AR-909 here or purchase it on the Apple App Store.

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