Emissive and Immigrant Muscle Release Emotive and Political “Real Free”

by | Sep 22, 2020 | Afrofuturist, House | 0 comments

Selector’s Afrofuturist series highlights the work of emerging BIPOC talent in electronic music.

Amidst a global pandemic, and an economic crisis the start of the summer was set ablaze with an avalanche of actions for racial justice. At the time the release of Emissive and Immigrant Muscle’s “Real Free,” the track made for an appropriate call to action. The song’s rousing lyrics had been penned months earlier, illustrating the ongoing struggle between POC communities and police.

The nearly eight-minute song comes alive with influences from across the diaspora. Afro-Caribbean rhythms set the pace while a BMore kick holds down the weight. As the trio of producers casually float through washes of soulful R&B, sun-soaked reggae, and synth-laden deep house, they remind the listener that dance music can be both political and moving.

As one of the most important social justice movements in our lifetime continued to boil, Emissive had this to say about the process of creating such a poignant and timely piece of work:

“When we started making this track a few months ago, we never could have anticipated the events that followed or the shape that the lyrics would take. Today its words carry a deeper meaning that we hope will resonate with you all and inspire the change that we need in our society. Stay strong and may you stand on the right side of history.”

In true activist fashion, the song is available for sale on Bandcamp under their Pay What You Can model. While streaming is free, all proceeds from sales of this record will go directly to Black Lives Matter initiatives.

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