Native Instruments Replace CEO Mate Galic and CIO Daniel Haver

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Two Native Instruments (NI) executives will no longer serve in their longtime roles. The Berlin-based software and equipment company’s CEO, Mate Galic, and CIO/president, Daniel Haver, have been replaced by Constantin Koehncke and Robert Linke, respectively.

Koehncke, the new CEO, has served as NI’s global marketing director and head of the company’s Los Angeles offices up to now. Linke – who will assume the position of chief product officer (CPO) instead of CIO – has worked as NI’s director of products for instruments & sound since 2015, and as product owner for all instruments and effects dating back to 2006 per Create Digital Music.

Haver and Galic will respectively serve as chairman and deputy chairman of a new supervisory board according to a statement by the former via LinkedIn.

“This year has been exceptional for many reasons. Not only for the global pandemic, which has forced our team to adapt to working and collaborating remotely, but also because this year is on course to be the best in our 24-year history from a financial perspective,” reads a passage of Haver’s post. “That’s why, in this moment of strength for the company – and as we approach the incredible achievement of 25 years of Native Instruments – we believe it’s time for the next chapter.”

Haver was among NI’s co-founders in 1997, and Galic went on to serve in a number of leadership roles after joining the company in 1999. Speculation abounds as to what factors prompted their exit. Despite the brand’s relative recent prosperity, last year saw staff cuts of 20% – and two months ago, Black Lives Matter protests drew attention to 2017 instances of alleged racial insensitivity on the part of the company’s management.

“We’re immensely proud of what we have achieved as a company, as well as personally, and we’re excited and optimistic for the future,” Haver closed out. “Native Instruments will always be home to Mate and I, and we’re excited to support Constantin and Robert in writing the next chapter.”

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