Aleksi Perälä to Release Melodic Techno Double EP on Nina Kraviz’ трип

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Nina Kraviz has added a promising artist to her eclectic list of associates. Aleksi Perälä‘s distinctive and musically profound style of melodic techno has landed him a release on her label, трип.

Titled Paradox, the double EP will consist of ten tracks encapsulating the sound Perälä has pioneered using his trademark Colundi Sequence. If his previous work is any indicator, it will exist somewhere between the ambient-infused techno of artists like Etapp Kyle and Stephan Bodzin-style ethereal techno.

Dream Sequence

Aleksi Perälä’s claim to fame is his development of the Colundi Sequence, which is built around frequencies outside of the traditional 12-note tuning system. His resulting style is more saccharine than much of what comes out in the minimal techno genre, but its seeming disharmonies still challenge the listener.

Paradox is Perälä’s трип debut, but by no means is it his first effort in recent memory. As recently as September, he released a nine-tracker titled Simulation on Clone Records.

Paradox by Aleksi Perälä comes out on Nina Kraviz’ трип December 15th.

Source: Resident Advisor

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