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Selector is an independent source for worldwide electronic music news. Since June of 2017, we have made it our mission to examine dance culture from its roots to its modern cutting edge.

Our aim is to explore this art form in its full depth, from the music and people involved to the ideas and social currents pushing it forward. We adhere to strict editorial polices, upholding our status as a trustworthy channel for information on this global phenomenon.

Independent Dance Music Journalism

Selector will not accept payment from sponsors or advertisers in return for positive coverage, nor will we publish preview pieces for events as a trade to secure media credentials for our staff. Furthermore, it must be understood that what limited partnerships we enter into with promoters, record labels and other businesses will not protect them from negative coverage.

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Empowering Our Writers

Selector takes pride in empowering our writers. Every member of our editorial staff goes through a comprehensive one-on-one music journalism crash course at no charge upon joining our team, where they learn fundamentals for working in the media along with the knowledge to apply these concepts in the field. No matter their level of experience we intend for each of our contributors to finish this orientation a better journalist than they were before, whether they go on to write with us or for another publication.

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