Pioneer DJ Releases the OPUS-QUAD 4-Deck DJ Controller

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Pioneer DJ‘s all-in-one controller allows for mixing four tracks simultaneously and can play different songs in separate rooms from one device – a first of its kind.

The design of the OPUS-QUAD is much different from other controllers in the Pioneer series, with a 5° slope for more comfort and accessibility. It also comes with curved edges and in a matte black finish, with “earth-like” accents around the outer panel. Pioneer describes the new design as one that will “enhance the aesthetics of any environment.” The jog wheel carries a new textured grip, and it lights up with customizable colors, corresponding to which deck is playing.

Cue and Playback

Sitting right below each display are eight hot-cue buttons, similar to those on the CDJ-3000 player. A new “Smart Cue” option changes the cue point on a track, with the Cue button corresponding to each color pressed on the hot-cue panel.

Smart Navigation

A larger 10.1” touchscreen display is available for song searching, and additional displays above each deck for song monitoring. The Smart Rotary button lets users navigate easier on the OPUS-QUAD; you can scroll through pages of music by pushing the knob up and down. Preview the beginning and middle of songs by pushing the Smart Rotary button left and right. Touching the screen to preview each waveform is also an available option. 

Sound Quality and Effects

Like their flagship DJM-A9 mixer, the OPUS-QUAD comes with an ESS Technology 32-bit D/A converter for high-quality sound. Built-in effects come standard, along with an XY-Pad on the touchscreen to move between multiple settings. Sound Color FX knobs and the Smooth Echo effect are also among the effects features on the OPUS-QUAD.

Zone Output

The four-deck playback function works standalone or can split to separate rooms using the Zone Output function. The Master and channels three and four can be split into separate rooms with quick changes in the options menu.

New Connectivity Options

The OPUS-QUAD supports multiple sound sources for song and playlist creation. SSD, WiFi (for rekordbox), Bluetooh and USBs work in unison with the controller. For rekordbox, tracks can be uploaded directly from the cloud using the CloudDirectPlay feature. Two USB-A ports sit atop the device, with USB 3 and USB-C connector ports in the rear, providing faster connectivity options. Bluetooth connectivity allows smartphones and other devices to play audio into the OPUS-QUAD.

Plug-and-Play compatibility for rekordbox Performance Mode are also available, with support for Serato DJ Pro coming in summer 2023.

The OPUS QUAD is out now and costs $3,199. Find more information and buy the OPUS-QUAD on Pioneer’s website.


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