Pioneer DJ Releases the DJM-A9 Mixer

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Pioneer DJ’s latest mixer is a modernization of their industry-standard DJM-900NXS2 and a sleeker alternative to their six-channel DJM-V10 and DJM-V10-LF mixers.

The new DJM-A9 mixer comes with an ESS Technology 32-bit, high-quality A/D converter and 32-bit, high-quality D/A converters for the master and booth output sections. This allows for users and listeners to hear the same quality of sound in the booth and on the dance floor.

Both the microphone and headphone outputs come with new drivers and new effects: Echo, Pitch, Reverb and Megaphone. A new phantom power input on the DJM-A9 allows high-end condenser microphones to connect to the mixer.

Smoother Faders and Knob Controls

DJM-A9’s channel strip carries more spacing on its EQ knobs and brighter LEDs for more accurate sound leveling. Like the new sound engine, an improvement on the EQ knob curves provides better frequency responses to match modern music productions. Smoother channel faders and a new Magvel crossfader provide a better mixing and transitioning experience.

Three New Effects

A full-color LCD screen is now available on the Beat FX panel along with a more responsive X-Pad for sharper movement through effects. Three new effects are also added to the 14 common effects on the DJM-A9.

Mobius, a melodic oscillation effect, rises and falls with the beat and works in conjunction with the Sound Color FX. Triplet Filter and Triplet Roll work the same as the Filter and Roll effects, but they use a triplet beat to create more unique modulations.

Additionally, the channel select knob is replaced with eight buttons for each channel, microphone output and crossfader effects. Two-band EQ adjustment for the booth controls the high and low frequency, complementing the master output.

Bluetooth and Other Software Updates

Bluetooth technology on the DJM-A9 allows for adding tracks into your sets from smartphones and other devices while using the mixer’s features and effects. USB Type-B and Type-C ports allow multiple computers (PC or Mac) to connect to the mixer for more seamless transitions between sets. DJM-REC, Serato DVS, and Rekordbox software can connect to the mixer for advanced recording and performing.

The Pioneer DJM-A9 is available now and costs $2,699. Find more information and purchase the DJM-A9 on the Pioneer DJ website.

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