Mutable Instruments is Officially Closing

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“The production of all modules has halted and Mutable Instruments will permanently shut down in December 2022,” the Paris-based company has posted on their website.

For 10 years Mutable created a wide variety of successful Eurorack instruments. The Braids macro oscillator, Grids topographic drum sequencer, and Marbles random sampler are some of the few lauded by beginning and expert Eurorack users alike. Their ease of use as well as secret “easter eggs” for more sequencing and design options were the selling point of many of their devices.

Founder Émilie Gillet announced plans earlier in 2022 to shut down the company, retiring from the area of music technology. His statement on the official Mutable Instruments forum reads:

“No new module is in preparation. Beads is the last module I designed, back in 2019. Existing modules are going to be discontinued one after the other… Modules are marked as discontinued when the last shipment is sent to dealers… It might happen in a week, in a month or in a quarter… There is no easter egg, no plot twist, no teaser.”

Mutable Instruments has also designed standalone synths such as the Shruti-1, Anushri, Ambika and MIDIpal. Gillet phased these out in 2014 to focus on the company’s Eurorack designs.

While production is ceasing, Mutable Instruments announce support for existing devices is available “until June 2023.” Find more information on the Mutable Instruments website.  

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