Newly Found Photos From ’90s Techno Party House of God to be Displayed in Birmingham

by | Jan 8, 2022 | Event, Stories | 0 comments

Previously unseen photographs from the well-known 1990s Birmingham techno party House of God will go on display later this year.

Taken by the late Terence Donovan, the black-and-white photos were snapped at the Que Club. They are believed to be the only photos Donovan took that documented the Birmingham rave scene. Donovan was a prolific photographer and director who was recognized for his work within fashion photography.

Now shuttered, the Que Club was an iconic Birmingham venue (formerly a Methodist church) that hosted artists such as David Bowie and Daft Punk. Known for its inclusivity, it was home to numerous communities regardless of color, gender, or sexuality. The building is listed on the U.K.’s Heritage at Risk list. House of God was regularly hosted there, and helped solidify “The Birmingham Sound,” a subgenre of techno characterized by fast beats and an often absent bass line.

Until now, the photos were kept in House of God founder Chris Wishart‘s home in Wolverhampton. They were found during the research phase of a documentary about the Que Club. Selected photographs will be on display at the Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery for an exhibit called In The Que. It opens on April 28th.

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