Kano’s Self-Titled Italo Disco Record Remastered and Reissued on Vinyl

by | Dec 23, 2021 | Heritage Artists, Italo Disco | 0 comments

Influential Italo Disco musical group Kano have remastered their self-titled album along with reissuing it on vinyl.

Originally released in 1980, Kano is the group’s debut full-length album. Many consider the effort’s use of funk synth and disco to have influenced the electro and breakdance sound of the ’80s. The remaster is being released through Full Time Production, a sub label of renowned Italian record label Goody Music Production. The label covers a wide range of electronic music including house, tech house and electro.

Earlier in 2021, Kano cofounder Stefano Pulga released a solo album titled No Cents… Go Funky!

Formed in 1979, Kano’s first international hit was the single “I’m Ready,” which peaked at #21 on the US Black Singles chart. Two other singles, “It’s a War” and “Ahija,” reached #2 on the Hot Dance Music/Club Play charts in the U.S. for five weeks. The group was known for combining ’70s disco, funk, and R&B while also using synthesizers and percussive handclaps. They also extensively used raw-processed and vocoderized vocals to create their influential sound.

Each vinyl edition of the album is hand-numbered and includes an MP3 version available through Bandcamp. For more information on the release, including how to purchase it, head here.

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