Berlin Nightclubs Forced to Adhere to 50% Capacity Limits

by | Nov 30, 2021 | Industry, Stories | 0 comments

Since November 27th, Berlin clubs have been restricted  to 50% capacity.

This follows an announcement at a Berlin state press conference on November 23rd. In order to address the rising COVID-19 transmission rates, the government had introduced new restrictions.

Previously the general 2G rule applied, meaning that guests had to be either recovered or fully vaccinated. Since Saturday, the government expanded hygiene rules to 2G-plus, requiring entrants to be fully recovered or vaccinated, and tested.

Regarding masks, a statement by the German ministry of social affairs, health, integration and consumer protection reads as follows: “The exception to the mask requirement is to apply at the warning level only if access is restricted to vaccinated and recovered persons (2G). Depending on whether the ventilation of the premises is adequate, clubs may then operate at full capacity.”

“Establishments that do not have adequate ventilation or air purification may only operate at a maximum of 70% of capacity,” it continues. “CO2 traffic lights will help identify whether ventilation is needed. The exemptions are subject to revocation in the event that the national or regional infection situation worsens.”

At the moment, these restriction are due to last until December 19th. Whilst some Berlin clubs will stay open during this period, other German region established more strict rulings. Bavaria, for instance, introduced a three-week lockdown forcing clubs to shut down entirely.

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