Berlin Techno Applies For UNESCO “Intangible Cultural Heritage” Status

by | Nov 18, 2021 | Culture, Stories | 0 comments

German techno artists along with non-profit organization Rave The Planet are applying for UNESCO‘s “Intangible Cultural Heritage” status.

To bolster their chances, Rave the Planet put together a 10-minute video detailing the rise of techno in Berlin. In it, numerous artists explain in their own words what makes Berlin techno so special. Part of the discussion involves Love Parade, an annual festival that originated in West Germany as a demonstration of freedom, love, and disarmament. While it was disbanded in 2010, it is slated to return in 2022 in a new form.

Berlin’s unique history made it a breeding ground for techno. After the fall of the Berlin Wall, German citizens were euphoric. Thanks to numerous vacant buildings around the city without much law enforcement, these same citizens were able to host uninterrupted creative spaces. This led to an explosive growth of the city’s techno music scene.

According to UNESCO, an intangible cultural heritage is a practice, representation, expression, knowledge, or skill considered to be a part of an area’s cultural heritage. Berlin would not be the first European city to gain such a title. In 2017, UNESCO awarded Zürich’s techno scene the status.

Find more information about the status, including how to donate to the cause, via Rave The Planet.

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