Fundraiser for Former Fabric Promoter Shaun Roberts’ Cancer Treatment Exceeds Goal

by | Oct 15, 2021 | Stories | 0 comments

Former Fabric Promotions Manager Shaun Roberts has spent the past two years fighting a harrowing battle with colorectal cancer. He has now launched a fundraiser to help cover a specialized treatment that exceeded its £75,000 target within hours.

In the GoFundMe description, Roberts made a compelling case for why his friends and supporters ought to come to his aid. He recounted how his doctors initially didn’t expect him to survive. After rigorous chemotherapy, radiotherapy, and the surgical removal of his liver and rectum, though, he says he’s bought enough time to pursue state-of-the-art immunotherapy treatment.

“The chemotherapy is still working well but beating cancer is not an option for me now so the name of the game is to stay alive as long as possible,” Roberts wrote. “The NHS have been amazing and will continue to look after me but I’ve pretty much run out of options for further treatment with them outside of chemotherapy. I need to look further afield.”

“The future of cancer treatment would appear to be in immunotherapy and I want to join the program at the CeGat Clinic in Tubingen, Germany,” he continued. “These people are really clever. They will create a personal cancer vaccine for me. The goal will be to train my body to recognize cancer in my system and actively fight it – something that the body doesn’t do naturally. This alongside chemotherapy will hopefully increase my odds of being around to get on your nerves for a while longer. ”

At the time of writing, Shaun Roberts has raised over £85,000 for his treatment and related expenses. Read his full description and donate via GoFundMe.

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