Berlin Open-Air Venue Deus Temple Forced to Suspend Music Events after Multiple Noise Complaints

by | Aug 12, 2021 | Stories, Venue | 0 comments

Just days after OXI Garten was forced to shut down due to multiple noise complaints, music events at another Berlin open-air venue, Deus Temple, have been suspended indefinitely for the same reason.

After a barrage of complaints from nearby residents over the weekend involving the city’s police and public order office, many acts slated to play Encore.une.Fois‘ weekly party at Deus Temple took to Instagram to announce that the event had been cancelled.

“The good news is, [the cancellation] was not COVID related,” said Alan Oldham, who was on the bill of the Encore.une.Fois weekly. “I’m kind of sad about it, I hadn’t played in a long time. I was ready to get back in front of you guys.”

“We will try to clarify the problem as quickly as possible and hope to see you again soon,” said Sabine Hoffman in nother statement. “The ticket price is automatically transferred back. We’ll postpone the event and dance ASAP together.”

Watergate Club‘s party with Sven Väth, André Galluzzi, and Dana Ruh this Saturday has also been cancelled.

Elsewhere in Berlin, Wedding’s Plötze was given the go-ahead to return to hosting music events, after a two-week shutdown for similar reasons. Plötze will be allowed to reopen with music and dancing, though live instruments will not be allowed.

At the time of writing, there is no information indicating when or if Deus Temple’s music events will return. 

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