Ibiza Placed Back on UK’s Amber Travel List

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After a spike in positive COVID-19 cases in Ibiza, the popular travel destination has been placed on the U.K.’s amber travel list once again.

When the surge in positive cases rose earlier this month, the U.K. government began to closely monitor Ibiza and all travelers returning from the Spanish party island and its Balearic neighbors. Speculation was that if cases continued to rise, the U.K. could remove Ibiza from its green travel list status, which the island had retained since June 30th. Now, the U.K. government has confirmed that The White Isle’s status has returned to amber once again.

The amber travel list requires that all travelers returning to the U.K. must self-quarantine for at least 10 days, or five with a returned negative PCR test under the “test to release” system. That rule also does not require fully vaccinated persons — defined as having cleared 14 days after the second dose of the COVID-19 vaccination — to self-isolate, granted they provide a negative PCR test upon their return to the U.K.

“I hope we’ve been very, very clear, including by introducing things like green watch list, that when you book, you must make sure that your flights is refundable, that your your hotel booking is amendable, and that your hotel booking is amendable,” U.K. Transport Secretary Grant Schapps told BBC Breakfast. “Because we are still living unfortunately in a world where things can and do change quite quickly.”

Already contending with a recent surge in positive COVID-19 cases, Ibiza has now seen unsanctioned parties with no safety measures in place that could become even more detrimental to the islands plan for the safe return of official events later this year.

Ocio de Ibiza, an organization representing the interests of nightlife on The White Isle, has proposed that DJs caught performing at illegal parties and events on the island be banned from playing at established venues. The organization insists that illegal performances at private homes and villas are “becoming more and more professionalized,” and suggested the ban in a meeting last week.

“We are very concerned because [illegal parties] are an endemic problem on the island and, unfortunately, the police can’t stop them,” said Ocio de Ibiza Manager José Luis Benítez. “The police are doing an incredible job, but they can’t get access [to the addresses] and so it’s time to think about taking action against the suppliers and the staff working there, including the DJs.”

Ibiza will return to amber travel list status as of 4:00 AM GMT on Monday, July 19th.

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