After 21 Years, Nightlife Publication Clubbing Spain has Ceased Operations

by | Jun 10, 2021 | Culture, Stories | 0 comments

Since 1999, Clubbing Spain has provided readers with information on nearly 400,000 events, 7,000 artists, 4,500 clubs, and much more. Now, after 21 years, the nightlife publication is closing up shop.

Editor David Sánchez shared the news in a blog post. “More than 21 years have passed since November 1999, when we released a small party guide called Clubbing In Spain on one of the free pages of Tripod / Lycos,” he wrote. “A few months later, the domain was purchased and on June 23, 2000, was officially born, a website that today says goodbye to all those who have followed and supported it throughout this long time.”

Sánchez cited the advancement of technology as well as the COVID-19 pandemic among the reasons for Clubbing Spain‘s ceasing operations.

“Success of social networks, and advertising managed by Google, have been key in losing much of the income we had a decade ago,” he continued. “And the stoppage of nightlife and festivals has been the last straw, leaving us with practically no income for 14 months.”

Clubbing Spain also ran more than 900 interviews in its 21-year tenure, as well as hosting special features, DJ charts and podcasts. The domain will remain operational for the time being, but podcasts will be discontinued at the end of June. CS Xtra mini-compilations will still be available through the Clubbing Spain Bandcamp.

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