The Chemical Brothers Release New Single, “The Darkness That You Fear”

by | Apr 23, 2021 | Experimental, Heritage Artists | 0 comments

Longtime electronic music envelope pushers The Chemical Brothers have broken a two-year silence with a characteristically unique single. The Manchester duo have delivered “The Darkness That You Fear” via EMI Records alongside an official music video.

“The Darkess That You Fear” keeps with The Chemical Brothers’ penchant for concepts that shouldn’t work in practice but somehow do. Haunting vocals clash just enough as the elements framing them build up to a crescendo that rewards the listener with just enough familiarity. In the accompanying visual, images of dancers cut out from organic textures move to the music in stop-motion animation.

“The Darkness That You Fear” follows No Geography, the ninth studio-length album by The Chemical Brothers (real names Tom Rowlands and Ed Simons). It released in April 2019, nearly three years after the duo’s previous studio-length album, Born in the Echoes.

“‘The Darkness That You Fear’ is a hopeful piece of music,” said Rowlands in a statement. “When we found the combination of the different voices worked set to the flow of the music, it made us feel optimistic—like it was something we wanted to share.”

Stream or purchase “The Darkness That You Fear” across platforms here.

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