Separates Vocals and Instrumentals from Any Track Using AI

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LALAL.AI is an AI-based online service allowing users to obtain high quality vocals and instrumentals from existing music files.

In modern music production, mashups and remixes are the norm. Producers, DJs and even social media users are constantly creating unique edits of popular songs to showcase online. Several sites are available that use some form of AI technology to separate audio tracks, but the results return with unwanted audio artifacts. LALAL.AI’s system outputs high-quality audio every time, separating the instrumental and acapellas from songs almost seamlessly.

Separating tracks on LALAL.AI is simple – first drag or upload an audio file onto the page, then choose the processing level. After analyzing the track, the software offers previews of the separated vocal and instrumental. Users can then choose to download both as full tracks or try another process.

LALAL.AI operates using the Cassiopeia neural network, recognizing complex data patterns and mimicking how the human brain operates. Cassiopeia is an upgrade from LALAL.AI’s previous Rocknet environment, providing much deeper analysis in separating tracks. The LALA.AI website states Cassiopeia “is trained on 20TB of data to extract instrumentals and voice tracks from songs.” Previous Rocknet algorithm settings are also included as a rendering option, and provide more analysis – in some cases better than Cassiopeia.

LALAL.AI offers a free tier that limits the user to three tracks and a total of ten minutes. Three paid tiers are also available with more features and longer time limits. Lite, the entry-level tier, starts at $10 and provides 10 tracks and 90 minutes of audio. The $30 Professional plan provides 30 input tracks and 500 total minutes. For users looking to separate more files, a negotiable “High Volume” plan is available by contacting LALAL.AI directly.

Find more information and try out the AI-powered technology on LALAL.AI.

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