Principleasure Gives Away Free Sample Pack After Selling It as an NFT

by | Mar 19, 2021 | Software, Tech | 0 comments

Electronic artist Principleasure has released a unique sample pack for free. The sample pack was created into a Non-Fungible Token, or NFT, and was sold to a bidder earlier this week.

The sample pack contains 5.5.GB of samples from a variety of keyboards and drum machines quickly becoming rarities. Sounds in the pack include the Sequential Circuits Prophet 5, Prophet T8, Oberheim OB-8, Roland TR-808Korg Mono/Poly, and more.

Each file in the pack has different pitches, velocities, filter settings and tunings. All sounds are dry, meaning they have no added EQ, effects or normalization. Settings for Native InstrumentsKontakt Sampler as .nki patches are also available. The samples are free to use in any productions and other applications with no limits. If the pack is distributed, the user then acquires the right to use the samples in their projects.

Pleasure Craft

Sharoooz Raoofi, or Principleasure, is a musician from Los Angeles, California. He is the founder of soundware brand Sample Magic. Sample Magic was sold to sample subscription service Splice in 2018.

The NFT market is a commerce platform where users can buy digital art, music and other items. Ethereum blockchain technology encrypts the item upon sale, creating a 1:1 version of the item only the buyer and artist own. The buyer can resell the item on a secondary market, with the original creator potentially receiving royalties from the sale.

Download the sample pack for free at


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