Vinicius Honorio Returns to ARTS with Minimal Techno EP, Stardust

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Rio De Janeiro-born, London-based producer Vinicius Honorio has returned to ARTS with a four-song minimal techno EP. The Rotterdam record label founded by Emmanuel released Stardust for digital download across platforms in December.

The title track kicks off the EP with ambient textures atop unrelenting kick drums, burning slow to build tension gradually. “Le Boi” pairs tribal rhythms with suspenseful melodic elements, and “Ebb and Flow” plays with reverse bass to great effect. The effort closes out with “They Are The Same,” a song that pairs sterile beeps and buzzes with a cerebral spoken word sample.

Drum and Bass to Techno

Prior to becoming a favorite among techno diehards, Vinicius Honorio produced drum and bass under the alias BTK. From 2009-2013, he released on such labels as Sudden Def RecordingsDutty Audio and Renegade Hardware.

Around 2015 Honorio shifted his focus to techno, releasing on labels like Dolma Recordings and Harthouse Mannheim. Since then, he’s added releases via DrumcodeSuara and Planet Rhythm to his ever-growing résumé.

Stardust is available for purchase via ARTS Bandcamp.

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