MP Midi Solves the Plugin Dillemma with Hands-On Hardware

by | Oct 16, 2020 | Hardware, Software, Tech | 0 comments

The MP Midi, a full-display hardware plugin controller, is available to own in a few short weeks. The device allows hands-on interaction with software plugins, providing a significant solution to a common workflow problem.

“With a typical midi controller you are limited in the number of parameters you can control and then you need to mark them on the actual controller with tape or an overlay,” reads verbiage on the product website. “It’s just not practical. MP Midi is a combination of a hardware controller and software that runs in your DAW as a plugin and enables controlling each plugin as a hardware unit.”

MP Midi works like a hardware console in that plugins pop up individually on its detailed 21-inch display. Each parameter is then assigned to one of the 32 hardware encoders (and up to 128 mappable parameters across four pages, using their MP Host software). Each encoder has a colored square around it, changing based on each plugin – making mixing and automation tasks easy.

The device comes with templates for popular products like Serum and FabFilter ProQ-3. To round it off, the MP Midi hardware and software is fully VST/2/3, AU and AAX (Avid Pro Tools) compatible.

The MP Midi runs for $650 with $60 for worldwide shipping and is available for pre-order now.

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