Make Acid-Style Jams Online With Roland’s

by | Oct 11, 2020 | Hardware, Software, Tech | 0 comments

Roland and designer Yuri Suzuki have released, a TR-808 and TB-303 application to record acid-style tracks directly in an internet browser.  The built-in sequencers tout the well-recognized features of both instruments along with some fun features added in.

The added AI-Variation switch is an intuitive step randomizer; paired with the timing shuffle knob it can lead to some unique arrangements. When the perfect beat is achieved on, a “Record” option allows you to export the entire creation. To top it off, British DJ and producer A Guy Called Gerald has provided a video tutorial on the entire site’s features.

Innovation Through Sound

Roland, founded in 1972, is a staple in the electronic music world. The TB-303 Bass Line synthesizer and TR-808 drum machine have both played key roles in the rise of modern music styles from hip-hop to techno. is provided as a learning resource for London-based Design Museum‘s current exhibit, Electronic: From Kraftwerk to the Chemical Brothers. The audio-driven exhibit showcases innovation in music technology and its impact on the electronic music world.

Yuri Suzuki is a Japanese artist, designer and musician living in London, known for creating sound-based experiences. In 2013 Suzuki created Ototo, a circuit board that turns conductive items into musical instruments. Other clients of his include the Swedish synth maker Teenage Engineering, and techno icon Jeff Mills.


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