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Berlin Collective Fhainest Lead Dance Party on Wheels with “Techno Rickshaw”


With a rise in COVID-19 cases making the prospect of nightlife in Berlin all the more dubious, the market is ripe for unconventional live music experiences. Berlin collective Fhainest may have arrived at just such a concept: Parties of bicyclists following a mobile sound system they’ve dubbed the “Techno Rickshaw.”

The makeshift three-wheeled cart includes 1,000-watt speakers powered by car batteries as well as a simple array of lights. On August 28th, they debuted the format with an event called Critical Mass. As can be seen in video recorded at the event, dozens of bicyclists enjoyed the outing without congregating in one area for very long.


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SOUND ON – Berlin collective @Fhainest led a dance party on wheels with their newly designed “Techno rickshaw.”

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“Even with clubs being closed, no one should be forbidden from celebration in everyday life,” the designers of the Techno Rickshaw wrote in a Facebook post. “Thats why we want to make it possible for you to do so outdoors and in a small group.”

Fhainest are currently raising money to install a new subwoofer onto the Techno Rickshaw. Donations can by made via their PayPal Money Pool.

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