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24 Kitchen Street in Liverpool to “Close for a Few Weeks” After £1K Fine


Count Liverpool nightclub 24 Kitchen Street among the establishments struggling to navigate new COVID-19 guidelines imposed by the U.K. government. After receiving a £1,000 fine from the Merseydale Police, the club’s management have opted to “close for a few weeks.”

The fine was issued at 8:30 PM on Friday – the day that a handful of new guidelines went into effect. A police statement published by the Liverpool Echo read, “Officers saw tables with more than six people gathered around them, customers walking around the bar area without face coverings, people drinking and gathered where there was no table, meaning table service rules could not be adhered to, and a lack of social distancing in the smoking area.”

In a statement of their own shared via Instagram, 24 Kitchen Street’s management announced plans to take some time off. “The new and constantly changing restrictions around COVID-19 are proving too much,” reads a passage. “We’ve tried our best to comply. The police/council are clearly trying to make an example of us.”

The following day, Liverpool dance music event brand Glass launched a fundraiser to cover the cost of the fine that has amassed over £1,200 at the time of writing. “The support we’ve received across Liverpool has galvanized us to keep fighting, to keep supporting music and culture in these difficult times,” reads a subsequent Instagram post by the club’s management.

24 Kitchen Street have said that they will contest the fine. Donate to help cover their costs via GoFundMe.

Image credit: 24 Kitchen Street

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