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Airbnb Puts an End to Rental House Parties


Late last week, Airbnb announced that they will forbid all parties and events in their rental properties. The company has stated that the ban is indefinite and occupancy is now limited to 16 people per unit. This comes a year after the company banned what they call “party houses,” properties dedicated to hosting events rather than a providing place to rest one’s head.

The online rental marketplace explained in a statement that all prospective renters will be informed of the policy changes and can face legal action if they do not abide by the new restrictions. “We acknowledge that there will always be those who attempt to break the rules,” reads a passage. “This is why we’ve implemented steep consequences for hosts or guests who try to skirt them – including bans from our community and even legal action.”


While the official statement doesn’t even mention the word “music,” some have considered how this ban will affect pop-up concerts. No longer will promoters and artists be able to host unauthorized events in Airbnb rental homes. The company has acknowledged that some are using their units as makeshift bars and concert venues in an effort to circumvent COVID-19-induced nightlife restrictions and helped fuel the idea behind their updated rules. Considering the threat of legal action, it seems as though many will have to look elsewhere for their next show.

You can find more information on Airbnb’s updated house party policy on their official website here.

Image Credit: Maurício Mascaro

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