Artists, Music Professionals Pen #NoSilenceInMusic Open Letter on Racism, Intolerance

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A large group of musicians, industry professionals, executives, and others have issued an open letter to oppose racism, xenophobia, intolerance, and other ongoing social issues continuing to plague the global front. The collective of mostly British signatories cites racism and intolerant responses to the Black Lives Matter movement as the reason for the open letter’s issuance.

The opening statement of the letter, titled #NoSilenceInMusic, reflects on recent negative responses to social justice movements in support of Black culture, the Jewish faith and culture, the LBGTQ+ community, and more.”We, representatives from the music industry, write to demonstrate and express our determination, that love, unity and friendship, not division and hatred, must and will always be our common cause,” it reads.

Recent occurrences amid the global push for social justice have been cited as the reason for the letter’s inception. Anti-Black Lives Matter sentiments, transphobia, antisemitism, and other negative views in response to these social movements have unfortunately spiked as tensions continue to boil over worldwide. A recent anti-Semitic Twitter rant from U.K. grime artist Wiley was just one such instance that sparked the issuance of the open letter.

#NoSilenceInMusic also takes aim at institutional racism and injustice. “Whether it be systemic racism and racial inequality highlighted by continued police brutality in America or anti-Jewish racism promulgated through online attacks, the result is the same: suspicion, hatred and division,” the letter goes on. “We are at our worst when we attack one another.”

Among the artists who have signed off on the open letter are Rita OraThe 1975Nile RodgersAlt JJess Glynne, MistaJamGrace Carter, Judge Jules, Bondax, and many other notable performers and musicians. Furthermore, industry professionals and personalities including BBC Radio One broadcaster Adele RobertsCapitol Records UK president Nick RaphaelEd Sheeran‘s manager Stuart CampSony Music UKUniversal Music UK, and a multitude of other organizations and individuals have also signed in support.

“All forms of racism have the same roots – ignorance, lack of education and scapegoating. We, the British music industry are proudly uniting to amplify our voices, to take responsibility, to speak out and stand together in solidarity,” the statement reads. “Silence is not an option.”

Over 700 British music industry personalities have had a hand in the letter.

On August 1st, 2020, the #NoSilenceInMusic letter was sent to a number of key media outlets in hopes of getting its message of solidarity and unity in front of as many eyes as possible.

To see the full list of signatories, read the full statement at this link.


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