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Vinyl Pimp to Lose East London Location After 13 Years


A record store that’s called East London home for 13 years will be forced to relocate in a matter of months. Vinyl Pimp must leave its 14 Falstead Street store in Hackney Wick after learning that the landlord plans to double their rent.

The store’s owner issued a statement via Facebook revealing that they’ve known of the decision since receiving a Section 25 notice in November. “I chose not to fight it during lockdown and government eviction protection for businesses is due to end on 30th September,” reads a passage. “We would continue trading here and hopefully find a decent spot in the next three months.”

Vinyl Pimp shared the space with London Modular Alliance, a live electro act who operated a showroom there. “We did a lot in our little shop; everyone that came down and supported us over the years are what made it into much more than four walls and a roof,” the trio wrote in their own statement. “There were days that the patches were so loud and complex, both us and the customers were tripping over with excitement from the sounds.”

Vinyl Pimp’s management have yet to publicly disclose any prospects on where they might relocate in October.

Image credit: Roman Skyva

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