Watch Tangerine Dream Improvise a Set on a Boat in Budapest

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In one form or another, Tangerine Dream have left a mark on electronic music lasting over 50 years. The German group have shown that their stage chemistry is still alive by sharing a 2017 video from their live set at A38 in Budapest.

A38 occupies what was once a Ukrainian stone carrier ship built in the ’60s. As per usual, the group performed a handful of classics in a medley with improvisational segments. Longtime fans will likely be happy to hear that the turning tides of electronic music have not caused them to deviate from their synthesizer-based style of ambient.

Musical Chairs

Based on their music alone, it might come as a surprise that Tangerine Dream is literally an entirely different band now than when they started in 1967. The group was founded by Edgar Froese, who was the only continuous member until his death in 2015. The present lineup consists of Thorsten QuaeschningHoshiko Yamane, and Ulrich Schnauss.

Unlike Kraftwerk, who heavily influenced pop music like rock and hip-hop, Tangerine Dream’s contributions to cinema were arguably their most famous. ThiefRisky Business and The Keep were but a few of the 20+ films scored by the group.

Tangerine Dream currently have no tour dates scheduled on account of COVID-19 restrictions.

Image credit: Melanie Reinisch

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