Apple Updates Logic Pro X with Live Loops, Drum Kit Builder and More

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Apple has made a significant update to its digital audio workspace (DAW), Logic Pro X.

Notable additions in 10.5 include a version of Live Loops with increased functionality via a feature called Remix FM. The EXS24 Sampler has been updated and rebranded simply as Sampler and is accompanied by a less customizable version called Quick Sampler.

Logic Pro X’s latest update reemphasizes sequencers and drum kit builders. Step Sequencer is a new feature that allows users to build bass lines and drum patterns, and it has been integrated with Drum Synth and Drum Machine Designer.

The program has also been optimized for the latest Mac hardware and operating systems, in addition to an app called Logic Remote allowing for iPhone and iPad access.

Apple Logic Pro X

Logical Progression

The first incarnation of Apple’s widely used DAW was called Notator Logic and was released by German developer C-Lab in 1993. They would go on to shorten its name to Logic, and when Apple acquired it in 2002 they rebranded it as Logic Pro.

After versions 5-7, Logic Pro X came out in 2013 with version 10.4, arriving in February of 2018. It has been posited that the DAW is better suited for producers who learned on Pro Tools or Cubase whereas Ableton software is geared towards the uninitiated.

More information on version 10.5 of Logic Pro X can be found via the Apple Newsroom.

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