Review: Ann Annie’s Atmospheres Vol. 2 is a Synthesis of Organic and Digital

by | May 10, 2018 | Music, Review | 0 comments

Jazz-trained, Denver, Colorado-based producer and instrumentalist Ann Annie has announced her sophomore release on Modularfield. Titled Atmospheres Vol. 2, the seven-song ambient album serves as an intelligent sonic progression of what comprised the effort preceding it.

Whereas Atmospheres Vol. 1 offered up sterile soundscapes that almost clashed with the natural imagery of their titles, plenty of organic samples and instrumentals find their way into arrangements on Vol. 2. Tracks like “97 Dreamin” and “Latitude” still feature a scant few organic elements if any. “Reflections” is the most melodic entry on the tracklist, with piano chords likely inspired by Annie’s background as a jazz musician.

By and large, the diversity exhibited in Atmospheres Vol. 2 works well in the context of the ambient genre. Clips of bubbling brooks and waves crashing against shorelines don’t seem out of place between the lush synths framing them.

The Unified Field

Modularfield is a Cologne, Germany-based record label. Although some of the other artists they champion produce ambient similar to that of Ann Annie, for the most part they release stylistic amalgamations that can be difficult to categorize.

Annie herself also uploads modular synthesizer videos to her YouTube channel. As with many such videos, only her hands are visible for the duration and she has branded the quirk in her press photos.

Atmospheres Vol. 2 arrives by way of Modularfield on May 31st. Stream and download the album on the label website.


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