Jeff Mills Teams Up with NASA and NTS on Radio Show, The Outer Limits

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You might not rank a techno artist high on the list of people likely to partner with NASA on a radio show. If you know anything about Jeff Mills, however, the announcement is no stranger than fiction.

Titled The Outer Limits, each 60-minute edition of the show will be curated by Mills himself and aired via broadcasting platform NTS. The six part series will focus on “articulating theories and probabilities of the cosmos in ways never explored before,” according to the site, with the first installment highlighting the phenomenon of black holes.

The collaborative endeavor will also feature imagery and creative direction by NASA staff as well as contributions by critically acclaimed jazz and classical musicians.

Big Ideas

A co-founder of Detroit techno label Underground Resistance, Jeff Mills has contributed much to the intellectual dialogue surrounding the genre. Between his role in establishing early techno as protest music and his present day fusion of jazz, classical and electronic, he remains a respected tastemaker.

Last year Mills released the 18-track Planets and then followed it up with the five-song EP Lost In Space. Aside from his new radio show, he will begin 2018 with a studio-length album of the EP’s namesake.

The first installment of Jeff Mills and NASA’s NTS show The Outer Limits aired today, January 17th. Find a recast of the show as well as additional information here.

Source: Dancing Astronaut


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