Transgender DJ and Artist Bubbles Murdered in San Fransisco

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Tragedy befell San Fransisco’s LGBTQ community this past weekend. Transgender DJ and artist Bubbles A.K.A. Anthony Torres was shot and killed at 3:00 AM yesterday, September 10th in the city’s Tenderloin neighborhood.

According to the San Fransisco Examiner, the murder occurred near RS94109 – a record store outside which Torres would often set up DJ decks and perform. Although Tenderloin was where one of the first riots for transgender riots took place, it has been a relatively safe place for members of the LGBTQ community in recent years.

“This is a hate crime,” said Jim Reilly, the attorney representing Torres. “For a transgender activist to be gunned down on their own street shouldn’t stand and won’t stand.”

Josh Cheon, who runs a label called Dark Entries Records and operates out of RS94109, wrote in a Facebook post:

Anthony Brian Torres was shot and murdered last night on the same Tenderloin corner she would set up her portable DJ booth and perform outside RS94109 … If you were lucky enough to meet Bubbles you would never forget her, a true artist in every meaning of the word. Not of this time or planet, she was always full of the most positive energy she would excitedly share stories about launching a new fashion line, discovering a Severed Heads B-side and throwing a party in an underground space all in the same conversation. San Francisco lost one [of] the best and will never be the same.

A vigil for Bubbles is slated to take place at approximately 7:00 PM on Sunday, September 17th at the scene of the crime.

Source: Resident Advisor

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