Anja Schneider to Break 9-Year Album Hiatus with SoMe

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Anja Schneider has punctuated her departure from Mobilee Records with the announcement of a new record. Titled SoMe, the nine-track album will inaugurate the German DJ and producer’s brand new imprint, SoUS Music.

In conjunction with the announcement, Schneider has shared a sample clip from the effort’s lead single, “All I See.” Characterized by an exchange between a meandering male vocal and a stripped-down piano synth chord, it exhibits her more understated house music inclinations.

New Beginnings

Anja Schneider founded Mobilee Records 12 years ago, but revealed that she would leave it in the hands of Ralf Kollman a month ago. At the same time, she took the opportunity to announce the launch of SoUS, which she described as “the most personal project of [her] career.”

SoMe will be first studio-length album released by Scheider in 12 years, an endeavor which she reportedly began working on in November of last year. Jan-Eric Scholz is credited as co-producer on the effort, which is comprised mostly of house and techno singles with elements of drum & bass and more experimental electronic music.

SoMe by Anja Schneider is slated for release via SoUS Music November 7th. She will promote the album with performances in Barcelona, Paris, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Detroit, Berlin, London, Zurich and Munich as well as other locations before the end of 2017.

Source: Resident Advisor

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