Guy J Offers Up Psychedelic Remix of Third Son’s “Climb to the Sun”

by | Jul 31, 2017 | Music, News | 0 comments

Progressive house tastemaker Guy J has put Third Son‘s “Climb to the Sun” featuring Haptic under his creative lens, and the result serves as an interesting case study in remixing. What he’s turned out certainly stands on its own merit, but manages to keep quite a bit of the source material intact along the way.

The original version of “Climb to the Sun” exuded a warmth that still resonates in Guy J’s remix; many of the same synths and sound effects can still be heard in his reimagined version. Haptic’s soothing vocal refrain still sits front and center in the arrangement, although each element has been shuffled around to tell the story differently.

As with the original single, Guy J’s remix of “Climb to the Sun” by Third Son featuring Haptic came out via microcastle on July 28th. The remix is available for purchase via Beatport.

Source: Dancing Astronaut

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