Bryan Kearney Shares Psytrance Heater “Superlouder”

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Bryan Kearney is the sort of producer who is capable of keeping a foot in both ends of the trance genre’s wide spectrum. He recently delivered an uplifting cut titled “All Over Again” featuring Plumb, but his new single exhibits the darker side of his creative range.

Galloping bass and squelching synths firmly lodge “Superlouder” in the psytrance category, but occasional sawtooths hint at tech trance influences. A series of vocal clips play out over the top line – the most notable one, for which the track was named, was sampled from mainstream EDM DJ and producer Carnage‘s infamous Razer 808 tutorial.

As more obscure styles of trance have gained traction in recent years, Kearney has found himself a hot topic among the genre’s global fan base. In addition to releases on John O’Callaghan‘s Subculture label, his own artist imprint, Kearnage, has provided a platform for numerous staples of the trance world.

Kearney has not revealed an official release date for “Superlouder” – or whether it will see one in the first place. Meanwhile, “All Over Again” still sits at #3 on the Beatport trance charts.

Source: Trance Project

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