Laser’s Rare “Body Beat” Record Reissued by Apollonia Music

by | Jul 26, 2017 | Music, News | 0 comments

Dan Ghenacia of Apollonia has put his crate digging to good use indeed. The DJ had uncovered a rare press of Laser‘s ’90s house classic, “Body Beat,” and the trio have announced that they will re-press and reissue it under their Apollonia Music artist label.

“Body Beat” exudes the elegant simplicity of classic house music. The infectious melody and soulful female vocal refrain won’t leave a listener’s mind for hours after the track is cued up, and production elements clash in just enough places to remind them that it came from dance music’s illustrious bygone era.

After unearthing his copy of “Body Beat,” Ghenacia played out the dance floor weapon during numerous DJ sets. It instantly became a sought-after ID among Apollonia fans, which prompted the trio to arrange the reissue.

Apollonia Music’s re-press of “Body Beat” also features “Body Under” on the flip. It officially comes out on July 28th and is available for preorder here.

Source: Mixmag

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