Maya Jane Coles Reveals Title, Tracklist and Release Date of Upcoming EP

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Maya Jane Coles has announced that the long-awaited follow-up album to 2013’s Comfort will arrive next month. Titled Take Flight, the 24-track effort will come out through her artist label, I/AM/ME, a subsidiary of Skint Records/BMG.

Although only her second studio-length effort, Take Flight promises the level of musical mastery that Coles’ fans have come to expect. The English DJ and producer wrote, produced, mixed, arranged and performed instrumentals for every song on the tracklist.

That’s not to say the effort lacks guest features. ChelouWendy Rae Fowler (of We Fell To Earth) and Rachel Butt (of GAPS) have contributed vocals to the songs “Darkside,” “A Chemical Affair” and “Keep Me Warm,” respectively. Two of the singles titled “Cherry Bomb,” and “Won’t Let You Down” came out on a three-track EP of the latter’s namesake two months ago.

The Many Faces of Maya

Born in London partially of Japanese descent, Maya Jane Coles cut her first house records in 2008 and 2009, although 2010 marked her breakout year. She didn’t release her first full-length album until the aforementioned Comfort, however, which afforded her opportunities to play in over 40 countries throughout the globe.

Although primarily known as a house act, Coles made a foray into bass music in 2015 by launching the Nocturnal Sunshine alias. Singles like 2016’s “Hotel” and “It’s Alright” harken back to dubstep’s illustrious bygone era, when much of the genre sounded more like its predecessor, UK garage.

Take Flight by Maya Jane Coles arrives by way of I/AM/Me (Skint Records/BMG) on August 25th. Find the full tracklist for the album below.

1.    Weak
2.    Bo & Wing
3.    Old Jam
4.    Take Flight
5.    Darkside feat Chelou
6.    Lucky Charm
7.    Blackout
8.    Unholy
9.    A Chemical Affair feat Wendy Rae Fowler
10.  Misty Morning feat Wendy Rae Fowler
11.  Keep Me Warm feat GAPS
12.  Let You Go
13.  Won’t Let You Down
14.  On My Way
15.  Go On And Make It Through
16.  Cherry Bomb
17.  Chasing Sunshine
18.  Golden Days
19.  Werk
20.  Passing Me By
21.  Trails
22.  Stay
23.  Pulse
24.  Starlight

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