Jordan Sarah Debuts Audiovisual Oddity the Dynamic Alpine Sexual EP

by | Jul 5, 2017 | Music | 0 comments

The founders of Brooklyn-based music and arts collective Rinsed have partnered with a playwright for a most unorthodox release. Jordan Sarah has worked as a theatre performer in Germany and as a techno producer in England, and he’s drawn from both disciplines to yield the Dynamic Alpine Sexual EP.

DAS is more than the analog-heavy synth disco arrangements comprising its tracklist. Music videos and live action interludes are part of the multimedia concept album which tells the story of a ski legend named Dirk Dassler’s excess. As with other releases by The Umbrella, the art itself is woven into a live music and theater event meant to fully immerse the audience.

The Umbrella is an independent record label launched by Rinsed founders Dan Wender and Blacky II. Having brought such world-class artists as Vanilla Ace and Marc Kinchen to DIY creative spaces throughout Brooklyn, their experience as event curators gives them the necessary expertise to carry out as ambitious an endeavor as DAS.

Jordan Sarah’s Dynamic Alpine Sexual EP came out yesterday, July 4th, via The Umbrella.

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