Gamma Festival Announces Lineup for 2017 Edition


St. Petersburg, Russia is about due for the return of a recently launched electronic music gathering. Following a successful 2016 edition, Gamma Festival will once again grace the St. Petersburg Experimental Shipyard – and its organizers have just revealed 20 artists on the lineup.

Ø [PHASE], KettenkarussellXosar and Vatican Shadow are among the names included on the ambient, experimental and techno-heavy roster. The festival also doubles as an art fair of sorts. In March, Gamma organizers launched an initiative called Artification, which connects promising artists to prepare multimedia works that will be on display during the festival.

The primary location of the festival is the The Stepan Razin Brewery, which was the first Russian brewery ever opened dating back to 1795. Five festival stages will be built in an area protected as a national monument that is no longer operational and features 18th century architecture by the likes of Jurgens and Bohnstedt.

Gamma Festival takes place on July 15th and 16th. Find alphabetized lineup announcement below.

  • Antarctic Takt
  • Drew McDowall
  • Emptyset
  • Hannah Eperson
  • Martin Kohlstedt
  • Mike Parker
  • Murcof
  • Nick Klein
  • Ø [PHASE]
  • Oake
  • Recent Arts
  • Regis
  • Robert Lippok
  • Rrose
  • Takaaki Itoh
  • Terence Fixmer
  • Ulwhednar
  • Vatican Shadow
  • Xosar
  • Zadig

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