Pig&Dan Tease “A.M.” from Starting Again EP on Elevate


Pig&Dan‘s highly anticipated four-tracker comes out in a little over a week, but far be it from the Spanish techno twosome to keep their fans waiting. Ahead of the Starting Again EP‘s release on their artist label, Elevate, the duo have shared its lead single, “A.M.”

Each rolling crest of the track’s smooth, filtered bass line crashes beneath the notes of its arpeggiated synth lead for most of the duration. By the halfway mark, a faint sound in the arrangement grows loud enough that the listener identifies it as a primal-sounding vocal refrain.

The rest of the EP’s tracklist encapsulates different permutations of the same subversive statement. “Obsession” stands out as the strongest concept of the lot, though. Where the others exhibit a somewhat formulaic sound design aesthetic, it fulfills the techno ideal of forging music from little more than raw noise.

Pig&Dan’s Starting Again EP comes out in its entirety via Elevate on July 7th. After listening to the Deep House Amsterdam premiere of “A.M.” find samples of the rest of the tracks comprising the effort on Beatport.

Source: Only Techno

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