Dusky Return to Four-Four Formula with the Cold Heart EP

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After a significant creative departure, Dusky appear eager to return to charted territory. The London duo consisting of Alfie Granger-Howell and Nick Harriman took plenty of risks while producing last year’s studio-length album Outer, but their newly released Cold Heart EP sees them back in their musical comfort zone.

Outer‘s track list derived influence from such styles as breakbeat, techno, grime and ambient – which Dusky fans found ambitious much of the time. The four singles comprising the Cold Heart EP, on the other hand, encapsulate different manifestations of the same style: an analog synth-heavy style of house seemingly engineered for dance floor universality.

After launching in 2011,Granger-Howell andNick Harriman had seen releases on labels like AnjunadeepSimple Dogmatik Records and Naked Naked to name a few. In 2014 they launched their artist label, 17 Steps – through which the Cold Heart EP arrived on June 26th.

Dusky’s Cold Heart EP can be streamed on Spotify or Apple Music, downloaded on Beatport or iTunes, or preordered on vinyl via Juno Records by clicking here.

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