Hear the Difference Between Eric Prydz’ Sónar Festival and EDC Sets

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A good DJ always plays the room, but “the room” can be hard to read when it is, in fact, a thousands-deep festival crowd. Eric Prydz proves up to the task. When you compare his performance at Sònar Festival in Barcelona last weekend to the one he delivered almost exactly a year prior at EDC Las Vegas, it’s hard to deny his versatility.

In true Prydz form, both sets were loaded with IDs of songs that may not even come out officially until years later. Where his EDC 2016 set embodied the shimmering euphoria of his Pryda discography, however, brooding cuts from his techno-inclined Cirez D project characterized the one he delivered at Sónar.

The two performances were recorded a year apart, of course, but the Eric Prydz sound hasn’t undergone any dramatic metamorphosis in that interval. European and North American electronic music fans simply favor a different aesthetic and his repertoire is diverse enough to appeal to either demographic.

During the 2015 edition of EDC Las Vegas Prydz had premiered his highly acclaimed single, “Opus,” and at last year’s installment he closed out his set with a track that his fans have been affectionately calling “Nopus.” None of the IDs from his Sónar set have evoked as staggering a response as of this writing.

Source: EDMTunes

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