Kraftwerk’s Quirky Transport Rider from 2013 Gets Leaked

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It turns out strict conditions must be met for Kraftwerk to have any fun on the Autobahn. The Twitter account belonging to Finnish record label Frozen Reeds has shared a snap of the German electronic music pioneers’ highly particular 2013 artist rider.

“Because of rather bad driving experiences in the recent past in various parts of the world, we feel obliged to reiterate the way, band and crew are being transported and looked after while in your territory (sic),” the document begins. “Furthermore it needs to be understood that the designated drivers are responsible and experienced professionals.”

Specific makes and models of transport vehicles are just the tip of the iceberg. In addition to the more reasonable request that drivers be sober, the rider also requires that they keep the radio off for the entire drive, refrain from turning on air conditioning unless asked to do so, and “have a moderate driving style.”

After cutting their teeth in Germany’s krautrock scene in the early ’70s, Kraftwerk were among the first artists to achieve commercial success by incorporating synthesizers, drum machines and vocoders into their music. Their signature “robot pop” style played no small part in influencing early electronic music, especially Detroit techno, as Juan Atkins of the Belleville Three commonly cites them as an influence.

Kraftwerk continue their current tour with daily 3D concerts in London, United Kingdom starting July 21st.

Source: NME

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