DJ Godfather Announces Wooooo! EP via Databass

On April 2nd DJ Godfather released the Loud Mouth EP, and on the 23rd he’ll follow it up with the Wooooo! EP – both by way of Databass.

London’s Colour Factory Set to Open with New Outdoor Area

Colour Factory, a venue situated in East London, is planning to reopen with a new outdoor area called Colour Garden.

After Party for Berghain Fashion Show Draws Backlash for Dubious COVID-19 Precautions

Footage from a Soho House after party for a fashion show hosted at Berghain suggests that masks and social distancing were not enforced.

Rene Wise Delivers Pleasure Note EP via SK11_X

Gracing the SK11_X sub label of Setaoc Mass’ SK_eleven imprint is the latest from Rene Wise, the Pleasure Note EP.

Dirtywave Releases M8 Tracker-Based Portable Synthesizer

The Dirtywave M8 is a powerful new tracker sequencer, synthesizer and sampler that is completely portable.

Yant Releases Contravention EP on SK_eleven

Yant’s SK_eleven release comprises four stunning minimal techno tracks in Yant’s distinctive and enticing style.

Love & Sabres Launch Merchandise in Memory of Andrew Weatherall

The line of t-shirts and sweatshirts was produced by Andrew Weatherall’s longtime friend and production partner, Keith Tenniswood.

Synthesis For All: Audiokit Synth One Releases Free Guidebook

Audiokit’s Synth One: The Ultimate Guide is a deep but accessible dive into the world of digital synthesis.